Coldplay “Magic” Cover by Shelby Elle

I am stoked to introduce you to Shelby Elle. Shelby is one of the first of a few artists I’ve signed for artist development and management here in Nashville.

Nashville based Shelby Elle grew up with a love for music that quickly escalated to a lifestyle. Her sound is nostalgic of the early releases of Ellie Goulding, complimented by the alt-rock edge of Mutemath

Just in time for summer, Shelby got together with her friend Rez Riverz to do a short & sweet cover of “Magic” by Coldplay. It starts off with lo-fi textures and layered ambient tones. Only to surprise listeners with a driving samba beat around .30 seconds. Its a vibe.

Shelby will also be releasing a new single this summer so be on the lookout for that!